Dr Colin Schwegmann

Dr Colin Schwegmann

Head of Engineering
Colin  is an accomplished engineer and technology whisperer with a passion for unravelling the mysteries of science and tech. With 30 years’ experience playing with all kinds of computers, Colin is now Head of Engineering at Helm and plays a pivotal role in spearheading the company’s innovation and technical direction.


Upon joining Helm, Colin became the lead of their product Helm Engine, contributing significantly to its growth and evolution into the industry-leading AI-powered product suite it is today. Under his guidance, Helm Engine has achieved unprecedented success, earning a reputation for its exceptional capabilities and cutting-edge features. Colin’s expertise extends to diverse technical domains including artificial intelligence (AI), which allows him to provide invaluable guidance and support to his team of talented engineers. 

Prior to joining Helm, Colin made significant contributions in the field of research. While working at the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research), he completed his PhD in Computer Engineering while focusing on critical areas such as illegal fishing and subsidence monitoring using satellite-based radars.  During this time, he played a key role in developing and leading a national system that harnessed AI to process satellite images, revolutionising the monitoring of South Africa’s oceans and coasts. 

His expertise has led to Colin being recognised as an internationally sought-after speaker, delivering impactful talks on the transformative potential of AI.

When he’s not playing around with a piece of code at Helm or at home, Colin can be found spending time with his wife, two cats and the latest addition to the family, his dog. He loves playing board games with friends and family or spinning his DJ decks.

Helm is in a unique position as our technology can be used to help millions of users. We have many highly talented individuals who are experienced in multiple facets of the industry: from customer experience and management, to engineering and communications. By leveraging all of that to help unlock our clients’ potential and that of their users, Helm is well placed to make real change and lasting impact.