Jeané van Greunen

Jeané van Greunen

Chief Client Officer
Jeané van Greunen is a seasoned professional with 15 years of experience in the tech and non-profit sectors, where she has worked with the Helm team as a client and partner on various projects.


She is most notably known for her tenure as the Head of Production at Praekelt.org (now known as Reach Digital), a South African based non-profit organisation that builds open-source, mobile technologies to improve the health and well-being of people in developing countries, and Telkom as their Senior Specialist: Digital Services where she was instrumental in the business adopting new technology to benefit its customers.  

Before joining Helm, Jeané was CEO at Colliide, her Niche Digital Agency, where she set out to work with partners and projects that need digital strategy and implementation aligning to her own values of honesty, integrity and passion. 

She is driven by the implementation of such strategies that require digital transformation, and has helped brands hold authentic digital conversations with their users online. Jeané has valuable experience in taking an organisation’s Business Strategy and KPI’s, and using Digital Strategy to achieve these outcomes for clients. She is also one serious project manager and runs a tight ship.  

As Head of Production at Praekelt.org, Jeané worked with the team to build and launch the World Health Organisation Whatsapp Bot and the SA Department of Health COVID-19 Health Bot. 

She holds a BCom (Hons) Management degree from the University of Johannesburg and ascribes the biggest chunk of her success to being unafraid of spectacular failure.

Her role at Helm sees her head up the Business Development, Marketing and Client Success functions. 

I believe a brand is defined by the customer experiences we help our clients create. If our business strategies are focused on making life easier, we all benefit – most importantly, the end users.