Helm Product Suite

Transform your business with the power of AI

The Helm Product Suite uses Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Automation, and Machine Learning to build solutions capable of handling multiple tasks without the need for human intervention. We help companies unlock growth by simplifying their services, products and processes – all aimed at reducing operating costs, increasing revenue, delivering data-driven insights, and making AI easier to use responsibly.

Helm Engine™

Imagine using Artificial Intelligence to automate everyday tasks, improve production line efficiencies, or create multilingual intelligent assistants that can handle billions of messages without you having to lift a finger.

Helm Engine™ is the platform that houses our suite of automation products. It can be tailored to provide innovative solutions to your unique business challenges. Helm Engine™ can be utilised to automate virtually any business process, from streamlining a production line to providing meaningful interactions with customers.

Any Helm Engine™ application can be customised into a bespoke solution.
Continually improve on past performance, through the use of Machine 
Makes use of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language 
Processing (NLP) to facilitate meaningful interactions with customers.
Translate multiple kinds of input – including text, voice and visuals – to generate appropriate and accurate responses.
Speak to your customers in any language, including all 11 official languages of South Africa.
Use on multiple platforms including WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram.
Integrate with existing back-end channels.
Technical features
Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Processing (NLP)
Machine Learning, Machine Vision and Machine Translation
Speech Processing
Speech-to-Text / Text-to-Speech
Multimodal – it understands and responds to text, voice and visual inputs
Multichannel – it’s channel agnostic and compatible with WhatsApp, Messenger and more
Multilingual – understands and speaks all 11 SA languages and any others
Workflow builder
Enhanced reporting
Automatic language detection
Third-party integration and orchestration: (ITSM Integration)
Manual and active labelling
Intent Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Entity Extraction, Tone Analysis
AI-powered recommendation systems

Helm Engine™ is the foundation of our suite of standalone products, which can be customised to your specific business needs.

Helm Chat™

Automates meaningful conversations with your customers on text-based applications, augmented with responsible use of AI when appropriate.

Ideal for
Customer self-service
Sales lead generation
Build a better customer experience centered around automation
Talk to your customers in their preferred language
Integrate with existing channels and back-end systems
Automate tasks and free up employees for more complex or unusual queries
Technical features
All features of Helm Engine™
Helm Handover, which transfers complex queries to humans
Omnichannel transport integration
Aggregator integration
Broadcasts: HSM tool and subscription manager
Payment integration via payment gateway aggregator
Manual and active labeling

Helm Voice™

AI that allows you to seamlessly convert speech to text and text to speech in virtually any language.

Ideal for
Call centres
Help visually-challenged customers or those struggling with literacy
Provide call centre agents with real-time transcripts
Generate analytics to improve call centre performance
Analyse and understand customer sentiments
Analyse call centre agent performance.
Reduce reliance on call centre agents, freeing them up for complex queries
Boost call center productivity.
Technical features
All features of Helm Engine™
Automatic language detection
Automatic Speech Recognition in all 11 local languages
Text to Speech in all 11 local languages
Custom Text to Speech
Adding/restoring sentence punctuation
Speaker diarisation / identifying speaker among multiple attendees

Helm Vision™

Uses computer vision, object recognition and tracking to convert images into actionable insights and real- time analytical output.

Ideal for
Production line quality control
Retail and warehousing
Reducing production waste and overheads.
Reduce human error and objectivity
Improve product quality and consistency
Integrates with existing back-end systems
Technical features
All features of Helm Engine™
Computer vision - OCR, object recognition and tracking
Image annotation and captioning
Image quality analysis and recommendations to improve the quality of photos submitted

Helm Engine™ in action