Cellfind finalises partnership with Helm

Leading mobile tech company appoints Africa’s CX innovation experts

Cellfind, a subsidiary of the DNI group and a leading mobile technology solutions company, will partner with Helm in its quest to be the leading mobile solutions provider to Africa and key international markets.
Stef Adonis
Aug 17
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Helm is Africa’s leading customer experience innovation company, renowned for turning complex realities into simple experiences, and this relationship will see them become Cellfind’s Intelligent Assistant partners for its large and enterprise clients who require specialisation in AI-powered solutions.

Renzo Zanetti, Head of Business Development at Helm, explains: “Helm is a confluence of technology and people, bringing the two together to bridge the gaps in the industry. Our approach of putting the customer experience first while meeting client business objectives – along with our localisation capabilities – resonated with the team at Cellfind who are equally focused on service excellence.”

Says Jacques Swanepoel, Chief Operating Officer of Cellfind, “We have been exploring a chabot solution for some time now, and we’ve found a partner that is very far down the product development road, that would be a good fit for our enterprise customers.”


In order to further Cellfind’s offering to our customers, we chose to lean into our already strong relationship and officially partner with Helm, whose technology far exceeds other businesses both nationally and internationally.

Jacques Swanepoel

Chief Operating Officer, Cellfind

NLU is a form of Artificial Intelligence that uses software to understand the intent behind what users are saying, and allows bots, for example, to respond to them in the right way.

Helm is one of the first companies to provide Natural Language Understanding (NLU) in all 11 South African languages, which they’ve been perfecting for five years thanks to their large footprint in Africa.

In addition to NLU, Cellfind will be able to offer its client base the advanced technology Helm has developed over the years.This includes:

- Helm Engine: the beating heart of their suite of automation products;

- Helm Chat: automating conversations for text-based applications;

- Helm Voice: converting user input from speech to text and text to speech;

- Helm Vision: using computer vision to convert images into actionable insights.

Cellfind is part of Digital Ecosystems (a subsidiary of the DNI Group) and proudly supports the financial, insurance, medical, media, and telecommunication sectors. Swanepoel continues: “Our strong base of technical skills and locally-owned intellectual property guarantees superior customisable products and value-added services. We’ve brought together robust and practical services to support and grow businesses in South Africa. Helm will step in as our intelligent assistant provider, allowing us to ramp up our offering.”

Helm will also be helping Cellfind train its sales reps in order to offer the advanced technology to its client base with confidence.

“Thanks to our collaborative approach to working with our partners, we’ve already reached over 500 million users. Helm’spartnership with Cellfind will see us grow that number by innovating and pushing boundaries with world-class technology. This is only the start of an exciting journey.” concludes Zanetti.


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